SnapChat Geofilters Designs

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Snapchat is one of the planet’s fastest growing and most exciting social media platforms, with over 100 million daily active users Snapchat is the place to be right now for all brands and businesses looking to take customer engagement to a whole new level. In case you’re just getting into Snapchat, a geofilter is like a normal Snapchat filter: a design you can overlay onto a photo you take in the app. But geofilters are different because they are only available when you are in a certain location. Snapchat has recently made it possible for anyone to create and upload a custom filter to any area they want, this is awesome for businesses and events!

Brands and businesses should definitely take advantage. The value of your branding impression on Snapchat compared to impressions on any other platform is insanely high. Why? Because not only are you putting your brand in a place people can see it, but they really see it. Filters show up directly in your account and they give the viewer the ability to interact with it in a contextually relevant and fun way. The future of advertising and brand engagement lies with Snapchat.



Studying and working with graphic design has been my life. I will help you from start to finish with the custom design. I have 3+ years experience with industry software and can help you create your vision.

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