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I am Ty. Creating art & design, has been a curious passion throughout my life, looking forward to get an opportunity from you too. I am young with bold and wild ideas, but I provide the most professional and reliable designs for my clients. Meeting deadlines with the best results is my biggest strength.

I love to exercise verbal communication with my clients when possible to discuss all their expectations and design goals they are after, which help me get my client’s satisfaction 100% all the time.

My clients are my biggest asset on Upwork; With great communication and extra attention to detail, I have made a spot in their hearts and their satisfaction has always been my top goal.


I love working on :

  • Graphic Illustrations.
  • Snapchat On – Demand Geofilter Design.
  • Character Designs.
  • Logo Design.
  • Company branding.
  • Business Card & Stationary Design.

I have a passion for communicating with new startups learning how they think
and innovate, later I get a chance to chip in and provide my design services to
make it a reality. Please leave me a note and we can start discussing how you want the job done. I look forward in working with you and your company, creating great designs anytime.

Tahsin Ahmed Upwork freelancer profile

Best regards,

Tahsin Ahmed
Art Director.

Republic Of Designs Inc | 2017

Tel: +880-1796880062

Email : tahsinahmed2016@gmail.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/licitdreamer

Twitter : @bangladesigner

Skype : tahsinahmed13

Instagram # @redtea13


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